The Clean 'n Seal Advantage

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Rigorous Training for Our Technicians

David Clean n Seal - Copy (2)Knowing which equipment to use and how to use it properly is the difference between a sparkling clean driveway or permanently damaging your concrete or pavers. We send our technicians to vigorous training for the best power washing and sealing techniques in the country.

The Best Equipment For The Best Results

Clean ‘N Seal uses state of the art power washing equipment that gets cleaner results without damaging your property.

We Clean With Steam

Steam-Pressure-WasherClean ‘N Seal is able to get cleaner results with significantly lower pressure. Our advantage is we use hot water and steam. By super heating water, we are able to lower our operating pressure.

Hot water is more effective and eco-friendly as we do not apply harsh solvents or chemicals to clean hard and soft surfaces, while the lower pressure saves the integrity of your material.

The steam cleans oil, rust, and grime far better than pressure alone. Lower pressures prevent the top layer of wood, brick, or concrete from being scrubbed away as well.

The Flat Surface Cleaner

Flat-Surface-CleanerHandheld pressure washing wands can  cause thousands of dollars in damage to your pavers, bricks, or wood.  We use professional Flat Surface Cleaners.  These machines regulate the position and angle of attack of the water jets for precise cleaning that won’t harm your property.

Seal In The Clean

patio-and-pool-paver-cleaning_081Now that your driveway, patio, or hardscape is spotless, we seal in the clean with the best commercial grade sealer available. The sealing process locks out dirt and grime.  We use the industries best outdoor sealant,  Seal N’ Lock.

Only commercially available, it’s a UV stabilized, polyurethane that out performs and outlasts anything you can buy as a homeowner.  Despite its tough as nails finish, you’ll be glad to know Seal ‘n Lock is water-based, non-toxic, Low Voc and safe to use around lawns and landscaping.

The Best Results: Guaranteed!

Clean ‘n Seal guarantees the quality of our cleaning service. On residential applications we guarantee the Seal ‘n Lock sealer for 2 years.  For commercial use, the guarantee is 1 year.  In reality, the sealing process will keep your exterior surfaces looking great for 3-5 years, or more.  

All products we use are Made in the USA! 🇺🇸
Everything is 100% designed, produced and installed in the USA! Proudly American!


Pressure wash and seal

Pressure Washing

Remove stubborn stains, unsightly grime and seal your concrete driveway

Seal wooden decks and fences

Decks & Fences

Careful pressure washing and sealing wood decks & fences to get a smooth finish

power wash pavers and seal

Paver Stones

Remove ugly stains, dirt and build up from your pavers and seal it clean