Sidewalk, Patio, and Hardscape Pressure Washing and Sealing

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Sidewalks Pressure Washing and Sealing

The most common stains that we pressure wash from sidewalks are, moss, dirt, mold and grime.  Pressure washing with our Flat Surface Cleaning Unit can easily remove all of these and restore your concrete, brick or paver sidewalk to a bright and fresh appearance.

Patio Power Washing and Sealing

Remove the moss, dirt, and grim that makes your patio look sub par, slippery and dangerous. With our unique heat and pressure cleaning process we can even remove rust stains on your patio caused from patio furniture and BBQ’s.

Hardscape Power Cleaning and Sealing

We can clean any hard surface you have.  Patios, sidewalks, pool decks are no problem for our Flat Surface Cleaning Unit.  We can also power wash vertical surfaces, like exterior walls, retaining walls, stairs, and stairwells.  There isn’t any surface that we can’t clean, even wood composites like Trex Decking.

Seal in the Clean

After your patio, sidewalk, or hardscape has been has been thoroughly cleaned we treat it with a commercial grade Seal ‘n Lock sealer.  Our water-based sealant is tougher than the best solvent sealers for maximum protection of your hardscapes.  The sealer acts like wax on your car, inhibiting dirt and grim from sticking and making it easier to clean and maintain. We guarantee residential applications for 2 years and commercial applications for 1 year.

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