Brick Power Washing & Sealing

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Brick Power Washing and Sealing – The Proper Way

Power washing and sealing bricks surface is Clean ‘n Seal’s specialty. We are the most trusted name in power washing and sealing, especially when it comes to cleaning brick and concrete. We use specialized equipment that cleans stains, moss, and grimes, but is gentle on bricks. Before you use a pressure washer on your bricks, call Clean ‘n Seal to prevent damage. 

Our technicians have the expertise to select the right sealer for your bricks, as not all sealers are created equal. This ensures the longevity of your brickwork and preserves its quality over time.

Bricks are relativity soft, especially compared to concrete. Power washing eats away at the surface of the brick and after several cleanings, they become rough and pitted. These pits attract more dirt and grim which provides the ideal environment for moss to grow. When the moss dries out in the summer it leaves behind a black stain.  Each time you pressure wash the bricks, the pitting becomes more severe, which makes each cleaning that much longer. However, with proper equipment and technique, pitting can be minimized or eliminated. See the Clean ‘n Seal Advantage to learn how we protect your brick surfaces.

Applying proper seal on the cleaned brick surface is as important as cleaning it properly. Clean ‘n Seal has the experience and equipment to do the job well.

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