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Pressure Wash Patios and Pool Decks and Seal it Clean

Patio and Pool Deck Pavers require special attention.  These pavers are made of porous concrete that easily traps, dirt, moss, and grime.  Clean ‘n Seal’s unique process uses a combination of heat and pressure that quickly and safely cleans your pavers without scarring the surface.  Before you let anyone use a pressure washer on your pavers see the “Advisory” below.

Safely Clean Tough Rust Stains

It’s common for patio furniture to leave rust stains on your patio or pool deck pavers.  Our unique equipment and specially trained technicians will safely remove even the toughest stains, like rust, without damaging your pavers.

Safely Clean Tree Stains

We often run into situations where our clients have fruit tree or natural vegetation that is staining their concrete or pavers leaving an unsightly mess. Our trained personnel can power wash your pavers or concrete and return them to their original glory. We will then seal your pavers or concrete to reduce future stains.

Higher Temperatures Are Actually Safer

Using high temperature water allows us to reduce the pressure and still get superior results.  Hot water is an extremely effective cleaning agent.  Since patio pavers are made of concrete, high temperatures do not affect them.  But the extreme pressure of today’s pressure washing can easily strip away the top layer of cement.  Clean ‘n Seal guarantees our cleaning will not damage your pavers.

Warning About Pressure Washing Pavers

Pressure washing Paver Stones should always be done with a Flat Surface Cleaner. Hand held wands permanently damage pavers, leaving steaks or stripping that cannot be removed.  Unfortunately many power-washing contractors don’t have Flat Surface Cleaning equipment.

Properly Compacted Paver Joints

You may have never noticed it but the joints between your patio pavers are packed with sand.  The sand locks your pavers in place and keeps them from becoming loose.  When your pavers are pressure washed, the sand gets blasted out.  Clean ‘n Seal is one of the few power washing companies that replaces this sand.  We follow the industry best practice of re-compacting the joint sand with a water broom.  Our cleaning and compactions leaves your patio and pool pavers in a better condition than the original installation.

Sealing Your Pavers Guarantees They Stay Looking Great

The key to keeping your patio or pool deck looking great is to seal the pavers after they have been cleaned.  We seal your pavers with a commercial grade Seal ‘n Lock  sealer.  This water-based sealant is tougher than the best solvent or epoxy sealers.  We guarantee pavers sealing in residential applications for 2 years, commercial applications for 1 year.

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