Wood Deck & Fence Power Washing and Sealing

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Fence Cleaning and Wood Deck Pressure Washing and Sealing

Fence cleaning and deck washing require unique surface cleaners specially configured for wood surfaces. Rather than using handheld pressure washing wand, we use this unit (read more about the Clean ‘n Seal Advantage). It holds the pressure jets at an even distance from the wood and is precisely angled to clean wood without causing excess damage to the grain.  We use this pressure washing machine on wooden decks and a smaller version for fence cleaning. 

Our specialized wood surface cleaning machines can also be safely used on composite deck materials like Trex, TimberTech, Azex, and any other plastic decking product.

We service and clean all types of wood, from soft woods such as Redwood, Douglas fir and Pine, Hardwoods and exotics like Ipe, Tigerwood, Ironwood, Merbau and more.

Sealing and Smooth Finishing

Sealing wood fences and decks is the second part of our treatment. Leaving your wood smooth is important because rough wood surfaces attract more dirt, moss, and grim which can lead to mold. Clean ‘n Seal’s special cleaning heads and heat treatment process allow us to use less pressure. This leaves the wood much smoother than other power washing equipment, but we don’t stop there. Before sealing your wood decks and fences, we use industrial sanders to lightly sand your fence or deck to a nearly new condition.

wood fence cleaning and sealing

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