Rain Gutter Guard and Cleaning

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Rain Gutter Clean ‘N Seal

Clean ‘n Seal Gutter Guard will prevent the hassles of cleaning your rain gutters. Clean ‘N Seal will first safely and thoroughly clean your gutters with our specialized pressure wands that have specialized tips to unblock your down spouts and get your gutters clean from any debris. We will do a visual inspection to make sure your gutters are in good condition and make any maintenance recommendations. The most important step is to install the Clean ‘N Seal rain gutter guards that ensure you to never have to maintain, clean or worry about your gutters again!

GutterGlove (Coming Soon 2017) – Never Clean Your Gutters Again

If you have had rain gutter guards before, our exclusive GutterGlove is unlike anything you have ever used. Soon, in 2017 we will offer GutterGlove solutions, permanently keeps out leaves, pine needles and small roof sand/grit from your gutter system! GutterGlove fits on top of your existing gutters. It is made from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel mesh, and is virtually maintenance free. GutterGlove filters over 200 inches of hourly rainfall. It is the #1 choice for rainwater harvesting because of the fine mesh that filters out even the smallest of particles. With GutterGlove, gutter cleaning is eliminated forever.

GutterGlove has numerous awards and accreditations. GutterGlove was featured on Discovery Channels ‘Renovation Nation” program and in several TV news stories across the country including ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and FOX for it’s hi-tech filtering abilities. GutterGlove is made right here in Rocklin, CA just off interstate 80. Gutter guard comes with a 25-year warranty and will fit on any roof type and any gutter type.

Contact us to plan early for 2017 installation of GutterGlove.

LeafBlaster – Economical Rain Gutter Guards

LeafBlaster is a lightweight gutter guard that is very effective in certain applications. It is an inexpensive alternative without compromising the quality of stainless steel used in the manufacturing. This product handles and filters over 150 inches of hourly rainfall.

LeafBlaster will not void any roofing warranty and there will be no rust or surface deterioration It is installed with a strong, durable adhesive tape that eliminates screw holes in the top of your gutter therefore; you will not see any unsightly screw heads. It . The Acrylic foam tape provides adhesion for many applications and eliminates the concern for rust development. The tape will remain bonded in varying conditions and acts as a protective barrier between dissimilar metals to guard against galvanic corrosion such as with copper gutters.

Rain gutter cleaning and guard

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Beware of Inferior Gutter Products

There are many rain gutter guard products that do not hold up. Be aware of gutter guards that do not provide a 20+ year warranty. They will rust and deteriorate over time leaving a bigger mess than what you started with! Inferior gutter guards that do not properly filter rain water from your roof will leave dirt and debris trapped underneath the guard which is extremely difficult to remove. Installation is also critical and should be done by seasoned professionals like Wes Clark Roofing.